• Chevrolet Complete Care Recall Check


At Chevrolet, we care about your peace of mind. If at any time, you are concerned about your vehicle and wish to check for recalls, you may do so using our Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) look up below. In the event of a recall, you can rest assured that we will work diligently to communicate recall and program information to all affected customers.

In order to assess whether there is an outstanding recall repair on your vehicle, enter your VIN in the search box below. Once your VIN is submitted, one of three icons will appear immediately below the look up box.

Enter your 17 Digit VIN here (Please use capital letters):

How do I find my VIN?
  • The VIN can be found at door jamb, the floor on driver’s side and the instrument panel

1 If you have been separately advised that your vehicle has been involved in a recently announced recall, and you have been shown a green icon, we recommend you contact your dealer directly. In the event of recall, Chevrolet will work to quickly identify all affected vehicles and notify our customers directly. In addition, affected vehicle VIN’s will be loaded onto this site, however this process can take several days and in rare cases it may take longer.