Chevrolet Mobile service - another level of providing comprehensive and complete customer service. Chevrolet Mobile Service teams are equipped with up-to-date equipment, tools and professional technicians who can support in the case of an emergency or even preliminary service for your engine. Another way of Chevrolet showing you that we care, and providing you with comprehensive service even when you’re caught up with everyday life and don’t have the time to visit the dealership. Chevrolet Mobile service can perform several basic services such as engine oil changes, other lubricant fluid changes, battery and spark plug care, regular service maintenance, change of belts, oil filter and air filter.

Allow us to come to you.


  • Engine oil change with GM Genuine, lubricants, oil filter and air filter.
  • Genuine battery change outside the service center and battery check with Midtronic Tester.
  • Parts maintenance e.g. spark plugs, windshield wipers.
  • Special services during promotion campaigns.


  • A reservation must be made at least 1-3 days in advance in order to schedule an appointment with a technician.
  • Service cost
    • For Mobile Service, outside the service center and within distance of no more than 40 km (calculated from the service center to the customer's location).
    • Travel service charge will be 800 THB per time (VAT included) excluding expressway fee.
    • If the distance exceeds 40 kilometers, there will be an additional cost of 5 THB per km.
    • Technician labor cost and spare parts will be charged as 10% service charge.
  • Mobile Service is available between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday to Saturday (except on public holidays).
  • The service is available at private homes, private parking lots or home offices only.
  • The company reserves the right not to provide service at public parking lots, general public areas (such as roadside spaces, sidewalks, condominiums, department stores and office buildings) or unsafe for work locations.
  • The remote service is not available in the 3 Southern provinces of Thailand and their surrounding areas. Customers from those areas can bring their vehicles for service at their nearest dealers.
  • Receipts will be send to clients on the day of service. Repair charges will be mailed within 7 days.
  • Payment methods are subject to terms of service individual for the service centers in each area.
  • Service outside of the service centers depends on the availability of service vehicles and the technicians’ work queue. The company reserves the right not to service outside its centers if no car or technician is available at the moment.
  • Please check with your nearest service center before requesting Mobile Service.


For services other than those listed, we recommend that you contact an authorized Chevrolet Service Center.