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GM TECH SS Gasoline (10W-30 API SM)

  • Absolute best engine protection
  • Quality standard exceeding that of API SM
  • API SM/CF, ACEA A2-96 Issue 2, B2-98, B3-98, E2-96 Issue 2 and MB 229.1 certified
  • Prevents wear and solidification into gummy oil or hardened ash
  • Works against acid from the high-temperature combustion of CNG
  • Reduces clogging of fumes on the filter, electronic injectors and multi-valve system for constant cleanliness
  • Special additives prolong engine service life and engine oil change interval
  • Resilient against heat and oxygen

Size: 4 liters / 1 liter

GM TECH SSS Gasoline (5W-40 API SM, ACEA C3)

  • Properties exceeding such global standards as API SM, CF and ACEA C3
  • More responsive start-up for less engine wear
  • Highest driving performance
  • Excellent reduction of wear on parts and valve train
  • Improved consumption for longer between change interval
  • Ideal for high-performance gasoline sedans, MPVs and SUVs

Size: 4 liters / 1 liter

GM TECH Gasoline dexos 1 (5W-30 GM dexos 1)

  • Highest quality engine oil meeting GM dexos 1 standard for lubrication
  • High resistance against heat with an additive that reacts with oxygen to preserve the efficiency of oil even under heavy use conditions
  • Keeps pistons clean and bubbles from forming
  • Works best throughout temperature ranges. Good flow at low temperature and protective film at high temperature to protect the engine from the moment it is started and as it braves heavy use
  • Prevents wear and increases power for the engine

Size: 4 liters / 1 liter

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Remark: learn more about this on the driver manual.