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GM TECH S Diesel (15W - 40 API CI–4)

  • Meets the highest standard of API CI-4
  • High performance for heavy duty diesel engines
  • Compatible with turbocharged and conventional engines
  • Offer engines more power, longer service life and better resistance against heat
  • Prevents wear on the rings and cylinders
  • Especially efficient at keeping the engine clean

Size: 5 liters / 1 liter

GM TECH SS Diesel (Commonrail 10W-30 API CI – 4)

  • Higher standard of API CI-4
  • Perfect for high-torque vehicles or for engines required to operate for a prolonged period
  • Prevents wear on the engine
  • Keeps the engine free of fumes
  • Lower evaporation and consumption rates for less refilling
  • Special additives to prolong service life

Size: 6 liters / 1 liter

GM TECH SSS Diesel (5W-40 ACEA C3, MB 229.31)

  • Highest quality engine oil for diesel engines with ACEA C3 and MB 229.31 certification
  • Special additives to support EURO IV vehicles in the future
  • Optimal protection of engines for unmatched cleanliness
  • Lower exhaust for longer between change intervals
  • Designed for newer diesel sedans, MPVs and SUVs

Size: 6 liters / 1 liter

GM TECH Diesel dexos 2 (5W-30 GM dexos 2)

  • Highest quality engine oil for diesel engines with GM dexos2 certification
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Prevents degradation of rubber gaskets
  • Better control of air bubbles against metal surfaces
  • Protects the exhaust filter
  • Prevents wear on and corrosion of the engine
  • Reduces gummy oil and sediments
  • Cleans pistons as the engine works

Size: 6 liters / 1 liter

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