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BANGKOK, THAILAND – Chevrolet service technicians at dealerships across Thailand are utilizing online “Tech Eyes” support from GM Thailand’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) engineers to solve complex vehicle repair problems more quickly and more effectively. Tech Eyes is part of Chevrolet’s “Complete Care” commitment to provide a superior ownership experience for its customers nationwide.

Tech Eyes enables service technicians to teleconference with GM engineers using a wireless headphone/microphone, HD webcam, high-speed Internet and Skype meeting application to diagnose and fix vehicle issues in real time. For example, they use Tech Eyes for new engine pre-lube, a complicated process that requires specific steps to help ensure engine durability. They also use it for hard-to-detect problems related to electrical wiring and engine control modules.

As a result, repairs conducted with Tech Eyes support have achieved a completion rate of nearly 96 percent with diagnosis taking a third of the time it would take without Tech Eyes. That means vehicles spend less time in service bays, and customers are more satisfied with Chevrolet’s after-sales services overall. Tech Eyes is available to all of Chevrolet’s service centers in Thailand.

“Tech Eyes is a quicker, more efficient and effective process compared to how it was done in the past when technicians didn’t have eyes-on support from TAC engineers and had to rely on text-based communication in GM system or phone calls to troubleshoot repair problems,” said Mr. Worapan Phunman, Aftersales Development Director, Chevrolet Thailand. “Tech Eyes enables our service technicians to complete repairs faster for our customers convenience and satisfaction.”

Chevrolet Thailand initiated the Tech Eyes program last year and is one of the few automotive brands in Thailand to offer such a service. Thailand is the first market to use Tech Eyes, and GM have gradually applied this practice to other export markets.

In 2019, Chevrolet plans to upgrade Tech Eyes services with flexible “snake” cameras to reach hard-to-see places in the engine compartment, such as combustion chamber or oil gallery, as well as the latest noise and vibration measurement tools. The latter will be especially useful during new 4G Wi-Fi-enabled test-drives to help technicians diagnose noise and vibration problems that are easier to detect while driving.

Tech Eyes is just one of several initiatives Chevrolet Thailand is improving its Complete Care after-sales services. It held the annual National Skills Contest to promote and develop its dealership employees’ skills and capabilities at the Chevrolet Vehicle Maintenance Center in Nonthaburi.

In addition, Chevrolet Thailand has started opening new “2S” service and spare part centers nationwide to expand availability of Complete Care after-sales services. The first “2S” center opened in Phuket in August, followed by another in Amnat Charoen and the roll out of additional service centers will serve provinces where dealerships are not available. 

The new “2S” service centers will be set up with a range of equipment to carry out the same standard maintenance, repairs and warranty work as a regular Chevrolet dealership. While vehicle service is performed, customers can relax in lounges designed and decorated as comfortable living spaces for their enjoyment.

The Chevrolet Complete Care program offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Warranty up to three years or 100,000 km, whichever comes first, for new Chevrolets
  • The first five scheduled services are offered with no labor cost to customers
  • Customers have peace of mind and transparency for the full length of ownership with parts and average labor pricing available on the Chevrolet website so customers will always know the cost of scheduled maintenance service
  • Revamped Chevrolet Mobile Service by certified technicians on standby to make basic repairs and carry out vehicle maintenance services
  • 24-hour roadside assistance by certified technicians who can support all vehicle problems, wherever you are, anytime and anywhere
  • Chevrolet “1734” customer call center, seven days a week from 07.00-20.00 hours
  • Chevy Plus program offers many exclusive privileges including free or discounted products and services from many popular brands and updates its offerings often