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GM Thailand Does Its Part to ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ With Two Sustainability Projects

Rayong, Thailand – To support this year’s World Environment Day (June 5) and as part of its ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, General Motors Thailand recently conducted two projects on the theme of “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

GM Thailand organized the “Mangrove Replanting” and “Walk Run for Earth” activities, in recognition of the problems caused by plastic pollution. According to Earth Day Network, 91 percent of plastic waste is not recycled and ends up polluting the environment.

“GM Thailand is aware of this issue and is driving employee engagement toward reducing plastic pollution. We remain committed to the conservation of natural resources, and raising awareness of local environmental issues. By undertaking these two projects, we aim to motivate everyone to work toward a sustainable future,” said Amnat Saengjan, Vice President of Manufacturing at GM Thailand.

The Mangrove Replanting project attracted more than 165 participants, including GM executives, employees and their family members, as well as local residents and government representatives, who planted over 2,000 mangrove trees at Pak Nam Pra Sae in Rayong. Participants also cleared the area of plastic debris, including plastic bags, plastic bottles and food containers. In total, participants collected around 1 ton of garbage.

Mangrove forests and seagrass provide important coastal ecosystems for marine species to spawn and mitigate the impact of waves, preventing coastal erosion. Unfortunately, mangrove forests and seagrass have become harbors for plastic trash, according to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, requiring efforts by volunteers like those who took part in GM’s Mangrove Replanting project to keep these natural areas clean and healthy.

Additionally, GM Thailand conducted the “Walk Run for Earth” project at Nong Pla Lai in Rayong to promote environmental responsibility and unite against plastic pollution. 250 participants, including GM employees and their family members walked and ran for several kilometers carrying trash bags and stopped to pick up any litter they saw along their route. Participants also planted 50 trees to improve the environment of the local community.

Both projects emphasize GM Thailand’s commitment to serving and improving the communities in which it operates, aligned with corporate goals in the areas of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

“We would like our employees to do more activities together as part of an extended community. Apart from encouraging GM employees to live a healthy lifestyle, these projects also serve our local communities,” Amnat Saengjan added.

As part of its initiatives to support Word Environment Day, GM Thailand also launched an internal campaign encouraging employees to reduce the use of plastic bags and plastic cups in their daily lives. GM Thailand employees who demonstrate their commitment to reducing the use of plastic bags and cups can earn points to be redeemed against Chevrolet merchandise.

Over the years, GM Thailand has received numerous awards, particularly for its environment management. GM Thailand is certified ISO 14001, representing GM’s best-in-class environment management process. It has achieved the “zero landfill” status for its efficient and responsible process for recycling or reusing of all normal plant wastes.