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Chevrolet Invites Customers for Free Vehicle Check-up Before and After Songkran

  • Chevrolet is collaborating with Thailand’s Department of Land Transportation on a vehicle inspection program during March and April
  • Chevrolet owners are invited to get a 30-point vehicle check-up before or after Songkran free of charge

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Driving upcountry or to the beach for Songkran? Then, it is a good idea to get a comprehensive ‘check-up’ for your Chevrolet vehicle before driving a long distance, especially at a time when roads are congested and outdoor temperatures are high.

Over a long holiday period like the Songkran, a roundtrip may last from four to 16 hours, during which various conditions can put a strain on vehicle systems, such as high temperatures, traffic jams, and uncertain road conditions.

That is why Chevrolet Sales Thailand is collaborating with Thailand’s Department of Land Transport to offer a 30-point vehicle check-up to all Chevrolet owners before or after Songkran free of charge. The “Chevrolet Summer Drive 2018” preventive maintenance program is offered at all Chevrolet dealerships in Thailand March 1 to April 30.

“Preventive maintenance can make any road trip worry-free,” said Mr. Worapan Phunman, After Sales Development Director for Chevrolet Sales Thailand. “And a check-up after a trip can ensure that no unwanted wear-and-tear and deterioration of parts have taken place during a long trip. Even Chevrolet owners who aren’t taking a long trip during April should definitely take advantage of this great opportunity.”

Chevrolet Summer Drive 2018 includes inspection of engine, drive belts, the brake system, suspension, drivetrain, tires and all related components; free labor cost for changing engine oil, filter and oil drain plug gasket; and a discount up to THB 500 to swap an old battery for a new one (excluding 7% VAT). The campaign is eligible for all Chevrolet models except Chevrolet Lumina and Zafira.

Also, before heading out on long trips, customers should sign up for Chevy Plus if they haven’t already. Chevy Plus is another initiative to provide a positive ownership experience for customers by offering discounts on products and services from leading brands.

Chevy Plus members can now enjoy deals from popular dining brands Chester’s, Au Bon Pain, HotPot and Daidomon. The program, available to all Chevy Plus VIP and Chevy Plus members, also includes Chevy Plus Movie Days, and Chevrolet customer activities such as Chevrolet Caravan, Test Drive and discounted services from Bangkok Airways.

“While the 30-point check-up program demonstrates Chevrolet’s commitment to safety, especially that of its customers, the Chevy Plus program underlines our ongoing appreciation of their loyalty to the brand,” Phunman added.

For more information customers can call the Chevrolet hotline at 1734, or any Chevrolet dealers nationwide.