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BANGKOK, THAILAND – To enhance safety, Chevrolet Sales Thailand organized the Safety Driving event for Chevrolet customers at the Thai Bridgestone Proving Ground on July 22. The event allowed participants to experience the driving performance and safety features of the American premium SUV duo.

“The event was organized under the concept of ‘CHEVROLET WE CARE’ to provide the best driving experience and safety to our customers,” said Una Tan, director of Marketing and Customer Experience for Chevrolet Sales Thailand. “With the technologies and safety features in our Trailblazer and Captiva combined with the vehicles’ superior driving performance, our customers will feel more confident knowing how well-equipped our products are.”

The event started in the classroom, where participants were instructed by a professional driving instructor on how to properly adjust their driving position. They were reminded to keep both hands on the steering wheel to safely control the vehicle in all situations.

The participants then got hands-on experience by driving through a series of stations developed to demonstrate the vehicles’ superior performance and safety features. The stations required participants to exercise hard braking, turning, and swerving in sharp corners with S and J curves. In addition to learning new driving skills, the customers also learned how technologies such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and the Traction Control System (TCS) can help to control the vehicles and enhance safety.

The program also challenged owners to discover the best of their Trailblazer and Captiva by testing the SUVs’ active safety systems, including the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) and Panic Brake Assist (PBA), on a wet track in a controlled environment with professional driving instructors.

Other safety features tested in the challenging real-world environment included Forward Collision Alert, Side Blind Zone Alert and Rear Cross Traffic Alert. The participants were also introduced to the ISOFIX system and how to use child safety seats correctly.

Chevrolet vehicles are offered with a wide array of functions to suit any individual's needs, including mothers-to-be. The participants were provided tips for driving safely during pregnancy, starting with adjusting the seat to the most comfortable position. There should be at least 10 cm between the stomach and steering wheel. It is safe for pregnant women to wear a seat belt. The lap belt part of the restraint should be placed under the abdomen while the shoulder belt part should cross over the collar bone and lay between the breasts.

“Customers were impressed by the safety and surprised by the outstanding features and capabilities of the Trailblazer and Captiva,” added Tan. “The Safety Driving event gave them a better understanding of our products and more confidence in them. Chevrolet will continue to host similar activities to drive customer satisfaction.”