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Rayong – General Motors Thailand recently conducted the “Mangrove Replanting” project, in line with its CSR initiatives, at Pak Nam Pra Sae, Rayong. It was attended by more than 150 people, including executives, representative from local government representative teacher and student from Wat Ta-Kien-Ngam Community School and employees including their family from GM Thailand’s manufacturing facility in Rayong, Thailand.

This is the second “Mangrove Replanting” activity organized by GM Thailand in order to restore the mangrove forest that is important to ecosystem and the environment.

The activity is aligned with the company’s purpose and value: to serve and develop community where it lives and operates worldwide. The another purpose to organized this activity to celebrated 70 years King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand on the throne on 9th June 2016.

Mangrove replanting serves multiple purposes. Mangroves are an important ecosystem on Thailand’s coastal areas, providing environmental and socio-economic benefits. They also help prevent coastal erosion and habitat degradation, support a healthy ecosystem for wildlife, and provide sustainable resources and livelihoods for the coastal populace.

“We expanded areas for mangrove restoration from last year to maximize benefits for the local community. At GM, we have an ongoing commitment to help the communities where we work and live. In this case, our employees planted over 300 mangrove plants that will help contribute to a healthy coastal area for wildlife and the local populace,” said Somnuek Ngamtrakulchol, Vice President of Human Resource, GM Thailand and South East Asia.

Ngamtrakulchol added, “Before starting the planting process, employees and student from Wat Ta-Kien-Ngam Community School get opportunities to learn about the mangrove, benefits of the forest and how to plant mangrove trees properly. We are committed to drive employee engagement toward conservation of natural resources, to boost awareness about the local environmental concerns, and motivate planning for a sustainable future. We have a long-term follow-up plan to plant even more mangrove plants in the future.”

GM Thailand also donated One World Futbols, the ultra-durable soccer balls to Wat Ta-Kien-Ngam Community School, located in Paknamkrasae sub-district, Klaeng district, Rayong province. It is a primary school. Approximately 600 students in the school will benefit from this donation.