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Chevrolet Create 3D Model of Thai Kid’s Ultimate Dream Car

  • Chevrolet issued global challenge to children to draw their ultimate dream car
  • Design from Thailand one of the chosen designs for a full 3D rendition

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Little did Kwin Onglaor, aged nine, realize that his drawing would result in a faithfully-reproduced three-dimensional (3D) model by Chevrolet, when he drew his dream car. But that was exactly what happened and Kwin and his mother, Dalin Onglaor, were completely taken by surprise when the package containing the 3D model of Kwin’s drawing arrived at their home in Nonthaburi, Thailand.

Kwin’s drawing of his ‘ultimate dream car’ was in response to a ‘challenge’ by Chevrolet. In conjunction with International Children’s Day, Chevrolet, via an online teaser video, invited parents around the world to share their child’s drawings of their dream cars. One child will be selected from each market, and their drawings will be turned into original 3D models. The models will then be delivered to the children.

“We found out about the challenge online. We encouraged Kwin to participate, to reduce the time he may otherwise spend on a tablet computer,” said Dalin Onglaor. “We were very surprised when we found out that Kwin’s drawing was being made into a 3D model by Chevrolet.”

When asked about his drawing, Kwin, who thinks Chevrolets look cool, said, “The name of my car is simply Chevrolet Supercar. Instead of being just a car, it must be able to fly. It must also be able to transform into a boat and a submarine,” Kwin said. Kwin, who aspires to be an automotive designer when he grows up, said he was inspired by spy movies which he loves to watch.

Jeeranut Sangdee, Director of Communications, GM Thailand and Chevrolet Sales Thailand, said, “The intention of the challenge was to celebrate the creativity of children and their visions of unlimited possibilities that are not restricted by everyday realities. Hopefully this will inspire a new generation of designers.”

“Even the most experienced designers face certain restrictions formed by life’s experiences and reality. Children have no such boundaries. Therefore, as much as we hope to inspire a new generation of designers amongst children, we also hope this exercise reenergize and provide new inspiration to our designers to keep coming up with groundbreaking designs that place our cars and trucks ahead of the rest,” Sangdee added.

In addition to Thailand, six other markets participated in the challenge, including Canada, China, India, Korea, Mexico and the US.