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Special privileges for Chevy Plus member

Chevrolet has updated the terms and conditions of privileges to guarantee that our CHEVY PLUS members have equal opportunity to redeem the privileges. The new terms and conditions is valid from 1st February 2016 onwards.

Terms and conditions*

  1. Members are able to send SMS in order to get privilege during 7.00am until 10.00pm only.
  2. The privilege may only be redeemed within 1 hour after receiving the code via SMS, except Onyx hotel privilege.
  3. Members may redeem up to one privilege per brand each month according to the terms and conditions of privileges.

For further information please contact Chevrolet Call Center 1734 press 2


  • The company reserves the right to change the details without prior notice.
  • The company reserves the right to grant privileges of the promotion if you do not receive a reply message due to failure of the network signal on your phone.