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North American Chevrolet Colorado with Thai-Built DURAMAX Engine Wins MOTOR TREND 2016
Truck of the Year

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Powered by the 2.8L DURAMAX turbo-diesel engine built at General Motors’ Powertrain Plant in Rayong, Thailand, the North American version of the Chevrolet Colorado recently won its second-consecutive MOTOR TREND® Truck of the Year award.

The DURAMAX engine used in the Colorado sold in the United States and Canada is based on the engine used in the Colorado and Trailblazer SUV available in Thailand and the region.

“This recognition is further proof the engines we build in Thailand are of world-class quality and worthy of one of the most competitive and demanding automotive markets in the world,” said Watcharin Sayamrattanakit, Manufacturing Director, GM Powertrain Thailand

The North American Colorado with DURAMAX offers the best fuel economy for a pickup truck in the U.S., with an Environmental Protection Agency-estimated 31 mpg on the highway for two-wheel drive models, and the highest trailering capability in the midsize truck segment: up to 7,700 pounds (2WD) when equipped with the available trailering package.

This engine uses a variable-geometry turbocharger for optimal power and efficiency. It is SAE-certified at 181 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque at 2,000 rpm.

One of the keys to the truck’s capabilities is DURAMAX’s water-cooled, variable-geometry turbocharger and high-pressure common-rail fuel delivery system capable of charges of up to 2,000 Bar (29,000 PSI). The engine is among the first to use the GM-developed electronic engine control module.

The engine also features a balance-shaft that counter-rotates to cancel out vibrations and enhance smoother and quieter operation at all engine revolutions. In addition to compliance with U.S. emission standards, the DURAMAX 2.8L is Euro-4 compliant and can be upgraded to meet Euro-5, -6 standards.

The first generation of the four-cylinder DURAMAX started regular production in Thailand in 2011. The second-generation DURAMAX launched in 2013. GM Powertrain Thailand builds both the 2.8 and 2.5L variants.

Founded in 1949, MOTOR TREND-is internationally recognized as one of the leading media brands in the automotive category. This year, MOTOR TREND also honored the all-new Chevrolet Camaro with its Car of the Year award.