• Chevrolet Offers Free 30-Point Inspection Before New Year Festival
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Chevrolet Offers Free 30-Point Inspection Before New Year Festival

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Chevrolet Sales Thailand is supporting the Department of Land Transportation year-end campaign that urges vehicle owners to "Check Before Use, Travel Safe" by offering a free 30-point** inspection of suspension, brake system, and other vehicle parts.

In addition, Chevrolet is offering customers a special package 25% discount* for genuine parts including new front shocks, suspension parts and general parts. All Chevrolet models are eligible. The campaign runs through January 15, 2016.

Customers who order GM TECH Dexos 1 engine oil also will receive a one Chevrolet We Care bag valued at 690 baht, and customers who order GM TECH Dexos 2 will get an LED lamp valued at 500 baht. Customers who received an SMS from Chevrolet can show the SMS before getting the service and get Chevrolet souvenirs until the souvenirs run out.

* 25% parts discount

Shock up parts up to 3,000 baht

Suspension parts up to 2,000 baht

General parts up to 1,000 baht

** Free 30 points inspection

Belt pulley, engine front/rear seal, fuel filter, oil pan gasket, valve cover, upper radiator rubber hose, lower radiator rubber hose, front belt, front brake pad, rear brake pad, disc brake, brake oil, power oil, from engine mount left – right, rear engine mount, ball joint left and right, stabilizer link, Rubber drive shaft (outer and inner), front shock up, rear shock up, wheel bearing, center wheel bearing (Colorado), drive shaft seal, transmission seal, front left tire, front right tire, rear left tire, rear right tire, overall tires, specific gravity measurement, force measurement and overall battery.