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Movie Days: Tomorrowland

We transported Chevy Plus members to a magical world on 23 May with an exclusive screening of the new Disney spectacle, Tomorrowland. For two hours, they weren’t in the SFX cinema, Ladprao, but in a mystical land populated by robots, futuristic skyscrapers and an all-star cast including George Clooney and Britt Robertson.

The film chronicles the adventures of a young girl who discovers an enchanted brooch. Whenever she touches it, she is whisked away to the utopian city of Tomorrowland. There she meets one of the original creators of the land, Clooney’s character, Frank Walker. Together they search for answers to the mysteries that have enveloped Tomorrowland in the time since its inception.

As any regular to Chevy Plus Movie Days will know, the fun doesn’t stop when the credits roll. Outside, in the theatre’s concourse, there were games to be played, souvenirs to be chosen, and vouchers for a complimentary meal from McDonalds.

Don’t out on the next Chevy Plus Movie Day and all of the other fantastic events happening every month. If you’re a Chevrolet owner, you can apply for Chevy Plus membership by visiting www.chevrolet.co.th or calling the hotline on 1732 and pressing 2.