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Movie Days : Insurgent

Chevy Plus members can access rewards all over Thailand, and this month our members in the north filled the SFX Cinema at Maya mall in Chiangmai to catch the latest installment in the Divergent movie series, Insurgent. In Insurgent, the characters fight their way through the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Chicago in search of answers.

Our members endured no such hardship, however, as after the free movie screening, they were invited to take part in Chevy Plus activities, which included lots of photos and lots of prizes.

Stay up to date with all the upcoming Chevy Plus events in your local area by visiting . If you’re a Chevrolet owner but not yet a Chevy Plus member, you can discover all of the great privileges of being a member at or by calling the hotline on 1734 and pressing 2.

Chevy Plus. Making every journey more special.