Movie Days : Into The woods
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Movie Days : Into The Woods

We welcomed the new year 2015 with impressive activities from Chevrolet, “ Chevy Plus Movie Day” on 17 January 2015. Chevrolet invited Chevy Plus member to dive into a fantasy world with a whimsical musical film, ‘Into the woods’, suitable for everyone in the family.

Adapted from the Grimms’ Fairy Tales, this is the first time that two renowned actors, such as Johny Depp in the role of big bad wolf from the red riding hood and Meryl Streep in the role of the witch, are thrown together into this fantasy world.

Chevy Plus members experienced the world class movie and enjoyed activities from the Chevrolet booth such as posing against the backdrop.

Get ready for more special activities from Chevrolet for Chevy Plus member all year round. You can easily partake in the exclusive activities at For Chevrolet customers who want to apply as Chevy plus members, please visit or call the hotline on 1734 and press 2. Chevy Plus; the special privilege during your journey