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Chevrolet Launches a New Video Inspired by a True Story

  • New video tells true story of Dr. Lot’s work with wildlife
  • Video also highlights Colorado pickup truck’s strengths

BANGKOK, THAILAND: Chevrolet Sales Thailand recently launched a short video inspired by the true story of a young wildlife veterinarian who risks life and limb to save wild animals. Developed for online channels, the video clip tells the story of Dr. Patarapol ‘Lot’ Maneeorn, one of the key representatives from Thailand’s National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department. The video brings audiences into the world of Dr. Lot, allowing the viewer to experience and appreciate the importance, and danger, the doctor faces.

“Dr. Lot’s passion for saving wild animals and putting himself at risk while doing it is the perfect reflection of the Chevrolet Colorado’s can-do spirit. Dr. Lot does everything from carrying food to feed wild animals and rescuing an elephant stuck in mud pits to caring for sick elephants, and relies on the Colorado to take him into and out of some of the toughest terrains,” said Una Tan, Marketing Director, Chevrolet Sales Thailand.

Asked why he chose to do what he does, Dr. Lot said, “I decided to follow the path unlike most other veterinarians. My patients generally don’t trust people, doctor or not. But, however tough the obstacles ahead are, it is an incredible feeling to know that you have the power to accomplish what others might say is impossible.”

“If saving one life can help keep several others going then I believe that life is worth saving and living,” he added.

Due to the often-times dangerous situation he is faced with, Dr. Lot credits his Chevrolet Colorado as a friend he can trust. “I am lucky to have a friend. A friend I can trust. A friend who is willing to go all the way with me. For those long and dangerous journeys, you need to be confident that you can get where you want to go, and come back out again,” Dr. Lot said.

While focusing mainly on the doctor’s work in the jungle and on his patients, the short video also highlights several key strengths of the Colorado. These include the powerful and torquey Duramax turbo-diesel engine, The pickup truck’s payload capacity and suspension system, particularly when the Colorado has to haul a steel cage and additional equipment (weighing more than a ton) up steep and undulating terrains.

The video can be viewed at http://spr.ly/6186SRAy.