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Chevrolet Strengthens Network with New Dealerships

  • Brings Chevrolet’s up-to-date range of products and services to more customers
  • New dealerships located in Chonburi, Nakhon Ratchasima and Satun
  • Showrooms opened since June 1, 2014 onwards

Bangkok, Thailand: Chevrolet’s award-winning products are now more accessible to customers in Chonburi, Nakhon Ratchasima and Satun as new dealerships opened their doors in these provinces since June 1, 2014 onwards. In addition to new vehicles, the new dealerships will also house service centers, spare parts; one of them will also have a Chevrolet Certified Used Car division.

Gustavo Colossi, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Care, GM Thailand/Southeast Asia and Chevrolet Sales Thailand , said: “On behalf of Chevrolet and GM, I am pleased to welcome Chevrolet Chokchai, Chevrolet Satun and Chevrolet Sriracha to the family. Helmed by experienced business people, the partnerships signify the confidence they have in our brand and products. It also signals our continued efforts to offer more of our great cars, trucks and positive ownership experiences to more customers across the country.”

“It is also timely as we look forward to deliver the new 2014 Captiva to showrooms nationwide, in addition to other models,” Colossi added.

Chevrolet Chokchai (Rattanahirun Autosales Co., Ltd.), located in the Nakhon Ratchasima province, is owned by Mr. Chokpitak Srihiranrat and Ms. Pisutthinee Rattanaprapanun both of whom represent a new generation of businesses in the Chokchai district and the surrounding areas. The dealership is situated on a 16,000 square-meter land, has 1,600 square-meters of showroom and service areas, a 24-meter frontage, 12 service bays and 6 hoists as well as a Chevrolet Certified Used Car division.

The other dealership is located in the southern province of Satun. TP Autosales Co., Ltd. or Chevrolet Satun, is owned by Ms. Boonsiri Limsakul. Her Chevrolet dealership is built on a 4,800 square-meter land and has a 1,200 square-meter showroom and service area, 24-meter frontage and 10 bays with 4 hoists.

Chevrolet Sriracha (Chonburi Auto Center Co., Ltd.) is owned by Mr. Pairat Kunamornlert Auto Center also owns 4 other Chevrolet dealerships in the province. The new dealership has a total area of 7,200 square-meters with a 3,000 square-meter showroom. It will have 60 employees, 12 of whom are technicians. In the service area, there will be 25 bays and 12 hoists with a capacity of 50 jobs per day. The dealership will also have a body and paint facility

Chevrolet will continue to bring more great cars and trucks to more customers through more dealerships and innovative consumer campaigns such as the recently-concluded Chevrolet Fun Drive and the “6+6” 6-year warranty protection and roadside assistance plan.

Chevrolet-New Dealerships

Mr. Marcos Purty, managing director of GM and Chevrolet Sales Thailand (middle) with (from left to right) Mr. Chokpitak Srihiranrat and Ms. Pisutthinee Rattanaprapanun, the owner of Chevrolet Chokchai (Rattanahirun Autosales Co., Ltd.) together with Ms. Boonsiri Limsakul and Mr.Sid Devahasdin , the owner of Chevrolet Satun (TP Autosales Co., Ltd.)