Go Back to School with Chevrolet
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Go Back to School with Chevrolet

  • Chevrolet offers the most up-to-date lineup of family vehicles in Thailand, each with a host of helpful features that make the commute to school safe, comfortable and convenient
  • Chevrolet Spin MPV has 23 configurable seating positions and features 32 storage spaces, making it easy for the kids to bring friends along while still having sufficient room for book bags, sports gear and groceries
  • The new Chevrolet Captiva SUV comes with Passive Entry Passive Start, a feature that comes in handy when a parent’s hands are full and the kids want to get seated

BANGKOK, THAILAND – With the children of Thailand going back to school this week, parents who drive a Chevrolet will have the added assurance that they can get their kids to school and back safely, comfortably and conveniently.

“Driving kids to school and to after-school activities on time requires a lot of planning and coordination,” said Marcos Purty, managing director, General Motors Thailand, and father of two boys. “The last thing parents want to worry about is if their vehicle is up to the task, and with Chevrolet they can commute with confidence, thanks in part to a variety of helpful vehicle features.”  

Take the Chevrolet Spin, for example, a seven-seater MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) designed to offer space, comfort, versatility, efficiency and superior ride and handling in an edgy, contemporary and muscular package. The high-driving position makes it easier for the driver to see potential delays up the road.

The Spin also has 23 configurable seating positions and features 32 storage spaces, making it easy for the kids to bring friends along while still having sufficient room for book bags, sports gear and groceries. In fact, the Spin has a cargo capacity of 162 liters, which increases to 864 liters with the rear-most seats folded and goes up to 1,608 liters with all seats folded.

As for comfort, entertainment and safety, the Spin comes with standard with dual air-conditioning (front/rear), four-speaker CD/MP3 player, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, DC power outlets, Follow-Me-Home safety function and anti-theft system. It also comes with ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), airbag for a driver and front passenger, pre-tensioners for the front safety belts and roof rail.

Another Chevrolet tailor-made for family hauling is the Captiva SUV, Chevrolet’s award-winning flagship, the latest version of which is on sale now and coming to dealerships nationwide in June.

The new Captiva comes with Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS), a feature that allows the driver to unlock the doors and start the engine by being in-range of the Captiva’s sensors, without having to take the key in his hands. That feature comes in handy when a parent’s hands are full and the kids want to get seated.

Captiva’s new dual zone climate control allows the driver and front passenger to operate separate temperature settings, and is designed to cool the interior down by 45 degrees Celsius in just 10 minutes – faster than many competitor models. The new Captiva retains its air-con outlets for the comfort of third-row occupants and seats five to seven people comfortably.

Captiva seats five to seven people comfortably while providing 930 liters of cargo space Captiva’s eight-speaker audio system uses Three-Dimensional Sound Staging technology designed to deliver high-definition audio quality. That means the kids will be comfortable and entertained during the bumper-to-bumper traffic to and from school.

For the eco-friendly driver, Captiva gets top marks for being the first in its class to offer a flex-fuel E85-capable 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. For the parent who needs more power to beat other parents to school, a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine is available.

Regardless of the Chevrolet today’s modern Thai parent chooses to drive, every parent and child is wise to observe the following:

Advice to drivers:

Eliminate distractions: Driving the kids to school should be a hands-free activity. Put down the cell phone and do not text or engage in phone conversation behind the wheel.

Obey the speed limit: Comply with traffic laws and drive slowly. Obeying the speed limit is especially important while driving in residential areas and school zones.

Be mindful: As school buses stop often to pick up or drop off children, drivers must keep a watchful eye on young pedestrians who may pay no heed to traffic or walk in the street. Also, if backing out of your driveway, be sure to watch for children walking or biking to school.

Buckle up: Setting a good example is important. All vehicle passengers should utilize their seatbelt, including the driver. Children en route to school should also remove their backpack prior to buckling up.

Reminders for kids:

Buckle up: Stay seated when the car is in motion

Look both ways: Cross the street at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks, and cross with an adult until you are at least 10 years old

Slow down: Never run out into the streets or cross in between parked cars

Be visible: Make sure you always walk in front of the school bus where the driver can see them 

Chevrolet wishes every Thai family a healthy happy school year.