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Receive exceptional service with our Chevrolet 6+6 extended warranty program.

In the interest of providing you with absolute peace of mind, all new Chevrolets are eligible for Chevrolet Sales (Thailand)’s exclusive extended warranty program, Chevrolet 6+6. This comprehensive program not only extends the 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty to a total of 6 years (up to 140,00KM) but also offers a wide range of additional benefits including: complimentary use of Chevrolet Service Centers, roadside assistance and extensive coverage of mechanical and electrical components.

Disclaimer: Chevrolet 6+6 program reserves the warranty rights on some spare parts. Please refer to the full warranty details in the Chevrolet 6+6 manual.

Remark : Chevrolet Sales (Thailand) LTD. reserves the right to cancel or change terms of the promotion any time without prior notice.

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