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Chevrolet Showcase Aspiring Filmmaker During Oscars®

South Korean filmmaker won Chevrolet and MOFILM film program

DETROIT – “Masterpiece,” a film submitted by South Korean independent filmmaker Jude Chun, aired during The Oscars ceremony on ABC on Sunday, March 2. The spot beat out 72 submissions by independent filmmakers from around the world in the Chevrolet and MOFILM Oscars film program.

The 60-second film, created with the support of Eunhae Cho and Sunyoung Hwang, features the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze. The spot tells the story of young filmmakers using their imaginations to create a short film, “Speed Chaser.” It follows the children as they navigate their way through the filmmaking process, including costuming, makeup, props, sound and special effects.

“We asked filmmakers to create a short film that celebrates simple but significant moments in life that demonstrate the power of hope and possibility,” said Tim Mahoney, Chevrolet’s global chief marketing officer. “A story about filmmaking, created by an aspiring filmmaker, captures the ‘Find New Roads’ mindset and is a perfect fit for The Oscars.”

The Oscar ceremony typically attracts tens of millions of viewers. “Masterpiece” was filmed in South Korea, in an open field near Hwaseong City.

“A big budget might help, but it’s really imagination, creativity, and passion that gets movies made,” said Chun. “Chevrolet’s brand is about ‘finding new roads’, and that’s exactly what filmmaking is.”

An aspiring independent filmmaker, Chun has been producing films since high school. This is the second competition he has won since he began working with MOFILM, a global creative community, in 2011.

Last June, Chevrolet announced the filmmaking contest and worked with MOFILM to call for submissions from its filmmakers throughout the world. Twenty-four early submissions received mentorship by a panel of celebrity experts and prominent professionals in addition to competing to have their film air during The Oscars.

During Chevrolet’s Oscars ad contest, 13 finalists were chosen from nearly 200 scripts and 72 films from 34 countries.

In 2012, Chevrolet and MOFILM used the same crowdsourcing method to produce the memorable “Happy Grad” spot that aired during Super Bowl XLVI.

View the video.