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Chevrolet Helps Restore ‘Power of Play’ to Children of the Philippines

  • About 1,200 children in typhoon-devastated country will benefit from donation of nearly-indestructible One World Futbols
  • The footballs will be delivered by Cavite Football Association (CAFA) to various schools
  • Southeast Asia distributors also joined the charity event
Chevrolet Helps Restore ‘Power of Play’ to Children of the Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES: Chevrolet launched a community outreach campaign to deliver Chevrolet-sponsored One World Futbols to children across the Cavite province in the Philippines, a region that is home to several under privilege children.

About 50 children representing various schools attended the event along with Chevrolet’s Southeast Asia distributors, who were in Manila for a regional conference. To date, One World Futbol and Chevrolet have donated and distributed more than 16,000 One World Futbols to children across Southeast Asian countries.

“It is our hope that these One World Futbols will help provide some fun for the children of the Philippines at a time when they need it very much,” said Laurent Berthet, Director of Communications, GM Southeast Asia. “The power of play provided by these nearly indestructible footballs can be a source of inspiration in the face of great challenges.”

One World Futbols  will be distributed to 11 clubs registered under Cavite Football Association (CAFA). More than 1,200 children are expected to benefit from playing football with balls that never go flat. Rene Comprendio, CAFA’s Chairman of Special Projects and the principal of Bacoor United Soccer Squad, which gives free training to about 400 children, will be in charge of the distribution of the nearly indestructible balls.

Cavite is one of the provinces near Metro Manila, and one of the most industrialized in the country. It houses 578 pre-elementary, 800 elementary and 284 secondary schools, in addition to 49 colleges and universities and 111 vocational and technical schools.

In 2006, a group of football coaches joined forces to form CAFA, with support from the Philippine Football Federation (PFF). CAFA’s mandate is simple – to develop the game of football in Cavite, particularly at a grassroots level. The One World Futbols, together with programs by CAFA, will bring the joys of football to more children in the province.

Chevrolet partnered with OWFP in May 2012 to bring the joy of football and play to youths around the world. As the founding sponsor of One World Futbol Project, Chevrolet made a three-year commitment to support the donation and distribution of  1.5 million One World Futbolsto children in disadvantaged communities around the world.

One World Futbol Project’s mission is to make a meaningful impact by bringing the joy of soccer and play to youth around the world through the One World Futbol. The specially-designed football never goes flat, never need a pump – even when punctured, and can last in the most rugged conditions. To date, Chevrolet-sponsored One World Futbols have reached more than 50 countries through a global network of organizations, bringing the healing power of play to an estimated 21 million children and youth worldwide.