Chevrolet and One World Futbol Project fulfill pledge to donate 5,000 footballs to Thai youth
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Chevrolet and One World Futbol Project fulfill pledge to donate 5,000 footballs to Thai youth

  • Chevrolet completes first phase of donation program in Thailand, by bringing the ‘power of play’ to orphans at SOS Children’s Village Chiang Rai
  • As Founding Sponsor of One World Futbol Project, Chevrolet is donating 1.5 million nearly indestructible footballs to youth growing up in tough conditions all over the world
  • Unique One World Futbols: they never go flat, never need a pump, even when punctured multiple times

BANGKOK, 12 JUNE 2013 – Chevrolet has fulfilled its pledge to give away 5,000 super-durable footballs to disadvantaged youth throughout Thailand, as the One World Futbol caravan shared the ‘power of play’ with orphaned children.

The fourth and final One World Futbol caravan of 2013 delivered hundreds of long-lasting footballs to children in Northern Thailand last week, visiting Baan Dong Community School in Phitsanoluk on Friday and SOS Children’s Village Chiang Rai on Saturday.

The completion of the fourth caravan marks the successful conclusion of the first phase of Chevrolet’s global One World Futbol donation initiative in Thailand.

“The caravans have been a great way to introduce One World Futbol Project to Thailand and Southeast Asia,” said Martin Apfel, President, General Motors Southeast Asia Operations. “We hope that this campaign will help hundreds of thousands of children grow up healthier and happier with the ‘power of play’. Exercise helps young people keep their spirits up when they’re facing tough times, and team sports can instill a sense of fair play, tolerance and discipline that lasts a lifetime.”

Beginning in January 2013 in Thailand, the One World Futbol caravan – a fleet of Chevrolet Trailblazer loaded with the nearly indestructible footballs – has driven more than 3,000km to visit children in Chiang Rai, Phitsanoluk, Ranong, Phuket, Khon Kaen, Nong Khai, Chonburi, Chantaburi, and Songkhla provinces. More than 50 Chevrolet dealers have also helped to distribute the long-lasting footballs to children in need in towns and villages across the country. At each One World Futbol caravan stop, local Chevrolet dealership staff played a friendly game of football with local children, handing out school supplies and football uniforms afterwards.

Staff from the local Phuket Chevrolet dealership joined the One World Futbol caravan at one of its first stops in South Thailand, the SOS Children’s Village Phuket. Kriengsak Jarunonwiwat, Retail Operator of Phuket Chevrolet, donated 500kg of rice to the SOS Village on that day, and he has continued to visit the children to check on their progress and make additional donations of school supplies, rice and milk on behalf of Chevrolet.

“We’ve been back to visit SOS Children's Village Phuket a few times and always see the kids playing with the One World Futbol together,” Kriengsak said. “All the children and people in the community know that these footballs were donated by Chevrolet. It makes us so proud to be a part of Chevrolet's family.”

Chevrolet has partnered with SOS Children’s Villages Southeast Asia, World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT), and the Rajaprajanugroh Foundation under Royal Patronage, to help with distribution and ensure that the footballs are given to organizations working with children and youth in need.

Chantira Somboonkerd, Head of Fund Development and Communications, SOS Children's Villages Thailand, said that through the partnership with One World Futbol Project, Chevrolet has made a valuable contribution to SOS’s mission of providing safe homes and quality education for orphaned and abandoned children.

“The partnership between Chevrolet and One World Futbol Project has supported SOS Children’s Villages, particularly by helping to create a child-friendly environment where kids can experience moments of a happy childhood with love, respect and protection,” she said. “Playing football has given them some wonderful moments. It’s important because a child who has experienced a happy childhood will be better equipped to develop his/her potential to the fullest later in life.”

World Vision also helped deliver the nearly indestructible footballs to more than 800 schools in 52 provinces across Thailand.

“We want to thank Chevrolet for making WVFT a partner of this unique project,” said Chitra Thumborisuth, WVFT National Director. “In the 39 years that WVFT has worked in Thailand, we have seen countless times what poverty can do to children. It strips them of their right to education and a good quality of life. Playing football as a team can bring joy to disadvantaged children and give them a new focus in life.”

Chevrolet has further strengthened its ongoing commitment to support the education and development of Thai youth by providing scholarships, educational supplies and technical training to schools, and by building libraries in poor communities.

As founding sponsor of One World Futbol Project, Chevrolet has made a three-year commitment to donate 1.5 million nearly indestructible soccer balls to youth around the world living in in war-stricken zones, refugee camps, disaster areas, and other disadvantaged communities.

The specially-engineered One World Futbol never goes flat, never needs a pump, and can last even in rugged conditions.

One World Futbol Project is based on the idea that play provides a foundation that can help resolve conflicts, teach tolerance and help kids recover from trauma, keeping their spirits high as they struggle with hardship.

In Southeast Asia Chevrolet is donating a total of 11,000 balls in Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore. Chevrolet Indonesia has pledged to distribute an additional 5,400 footballs this year.