Chevrolet Launches More Powerful Sonic 1.6 E85
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Chevrolet Launches More Powerful Sonic 1.6 E85

  • All-new, lightweight 1.6-liter engine increases Sonic's fun-to-drive quotient
  • First in segment to offer E85 capability
  • First in segment to offer seamless connectivity with smartphones via Chevrolet MyLink
  • Young and Chic design of the Sonic now further stands out with new Orange Rock and White Metallic paintjobs

BANGKOK JUNE 21, 2013 - Chevrolet Sales Thailand (Chevrolet) has launched the latest variant of the Sonic, featuring an all-new lightweight and high-efficiency 1.6 liter engine. The new Sonic 1.6 E85 now packs more performance while offering impressive driving dynamics and personalization in a chic design package, attributes that have made it a highly popular model in its segment.

The Sonic 1.6 also brings with it two segment firsts - it is the first vehicle in its segment to offer E85 capability, and the first vehicle in its segment to offer an infotainment system with a seven in touch screen system along with seamless connectivity with smartphones. Known as the Chevrolet MyLink, this is the automaker's latest generation vehicle infotainment system.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Gustavo Colossi, Vice-President of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales, Chevrolet Sales Thailand and GM Southeast Asia Operations said, "Chic, fun and sophisticated just got more powerful. The Sonic 1.6 E85 is an option for those customers who want more high-technology and more power from the Sonic. The Sonic 1.6 E85 shows a clear execution of our ‘Find New Roads’ brand promise, with several segment firsts.

The Sonic nameplate has been so successful in this market, that Thailand became the fifth largest market for the Sonic worldwide in the first quarter of this year, behind the US, Russia, China and Mexico. With the 1.6-litre E85 capable engine and the MyLink feature, I have no doubt the Sonic 1.6 will be equally successful. "

As of May 2013, a total of 14,858 Sonics were sold. In terms of variants, 9,732 of the total units sold consisted of the Notchback variant.


The Sonic 1.6 comes with several aesthetic additions, like stunning new body colors of Orange Rock and White Metallic, along with wing-mirror mounted LED turn signals. The new colors further add to the uniqueness of the Sonic and further enhance the vehicle's chic and fashionable lines. Both are available for the Hatchback and Notchback variants.

Similar with other variants, the Sonic 1.6 features exposed headlamp fixtures reminiscent of high-performance motorbikes, accentuated wheel arches and tight panel gaps. The Sonic 1.6 also comes with over 35 personalization options, with a range of accessories that encourage personalization possibilities.


The most significant addition to the Sonic 1.6 E85 is Chevrolet MyLink system. MyLink is the latest generation of vehicle infotainment systems, bringing smartphone capabilities into the vehicle. It enables the Sonic 1.6 E85 access to online content via a smartphone with 3G data connection, making the car a 'smartphone on wheels'. The Sonic 1.6 E85 is the first in its segment to offer such an advanced vehicle infotainment system.

The six-speaker system, when connected to a smartphone, allows for streaming audio and voice recognition, voice calls and more. It integrates and aggregates content from the smartphone onto the seven-inch, high resolution, full color touch-screen display via USB or Bluetooth connection. Users can access personal playlists, make hands-free voice calls amongst other functions.

MyLink also works with mass storage devices, including MP3 players and iPods. When connected to a mass storage USB device, MyLink can play videos and project picture that are stored in it. MyLink can also project a photo album as a 'slideshow' , with the last music selection playing in the background. There is also a dedicated AUX port for other personal music devices and smartphones that do not use USB or Bluetooth connections.

In Thailand, MyLink-equipped Sonic models will be launched with compatibility for two apps - TuneIn Internet Radioand Stitcher Smart Radio. These apps allow for an even higher degree of personalization - users can choose to tune in to a collection of 70,000 stations worldwide. Over 135 Thai radio stations are available on TuneIn. The apps will also update the user's favorite stations with the most current and up-to-date contents. The Sonic 1.6 features the same trademark dual-cockpit interior and an instrument binnacle that combines digital and analog indicators housed in a separate unit attached to the dashboard.

E85 capable 1.6-litre Engine

The Sonic 1.6 E85 is the first FFV (Flex-Fuel Vehicle) in its segment. It is capable of running on pure benzene (E0) up to gasoline with 85 percent ethanol (E85). In addition to components with improved and hardened materials to handle the characteristics of ethanol, the Sonic 1.6 also comes with an engine management system with the flexibility to alter operational settings such as fuel-flow rate, ignition timing and spark advance, depending on whether pure gasoline, E10, E20 or E85 is used.

The four-cylinder 1.6-liter engine - features DOHC (Double Overhead Camshafts) and 16 valves, producing 115 hp at 6,000 rpm and 155 Nm at 4,000 rpm. With DCVC(Double Continuous Variable Camphasing), higher outputs and torque characteristics can be achieved over a wider engine revolution band, while enhancing fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

The 1.6-litre E85 capable engine in the Sonic, caters to the needs of customers who need a more powerful, but yet eco-friendly car. The 1.6-litre unit features DCVC, a highly-efficient oil-water heat exchanger, a MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) controlled thermostat and deep-drawn exhaust manifold with an integrated catalytic converter.

Mr. Chanjoo Kim, General Director for Product Engineering at General Motors Southeast Asia Operations said, “Using E85 contributes to lower running costs for the customer. Ethanol is also renewable which makes it a sustainable source of energy. Meanwhile the added power in the Sonic 1.6 E85 makes it even more fun to drive,”

The Sonic 1.6's E85 capability furthers Chevrolet’s strategy to expand alternative energy options for its customers. In addition to the Captiva and Cruze, the Sonic 1.6 E85 is Chevrolet's third E85-capable model in Thailand.

Aimed at Thailand's Generation-Y, Chevrolet’s latest sub-compact delivers youthful exuberance for modern, on-the-go lifestyles with precision handling in a chic yet aggressive design package. The Sonic 1.6 will be built in Thailand and, in addition to the local market, will be exported to other markets in the region.

Be prepared to have fun with the NEW Chevrolet Sonic 1.6 with My Link at all Chevrolet showroom starting July 19.
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