Chevrolet Announces the ‘CHEVY HAPPY DEAL’ Sales Campaign
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Chevrolet Announces the ‘CHEVY HAPPY DEAL’ Sales Campaign

  • Comprehensive range of Chevrolet vehicles, including latest models, available at all dealerships nationwide
  • Campaign to allow more customers to own Chevrolet vehicles
  • Models included in the campaign are Colorado, Trailblazer, Captiva, Cruze and Sonic

BANGKOK, JUNE 14, 2013 Chevrolet Sales Thailand (Chevrolet) has launched an exciting mid-year sales campaign, the ‘CHEVY HAPPY DEAL,’ aimed at enhancing the availability and affordability of its latest range of products to a wider cross-section of customers nationwide.

Chevrolet’s sales campaigns traditionally take place in the fourth quarter of the year. Due to the positive feedback Chevrolet has received for its range of models, including the Colorado pickup truck, Trailblazer SUV and Cruze sedan, Chevrolet has decided to offer special mid-year deals for its newer models like the Cruze 1.8L E85 sedan, Spin compact MPV and the Trailblazer 2WD LTZ.

"We have a thoroughly refreshed product line-up. We have also added new models to our portfolio this year, including the Cruze E85, Spin and Trailblazer 2WD LTZ. All our models are new, relevant and more importantly, available at all our dealerships nationwide," said Mr. Gustavo Colossi, Vice-President of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales, Chevrolet Sales Thailand and GM Southeast Asia Operations.

"The sales campaign is a part of our growth strategy. The latest range of Chevrolet vehicles, from the Colorado and Trailblazer to the Cruze and Sonic, has received very positive enquiries. People are interested in our products. The sales campaign has been designed to lower or remove cost barriers, in response to these feedbacks and enquiries, so more customers can enjoy our products," Colossi concluded.

Details of the campaign are as follows:

  • CAPTIVA (all variants) and TRAILBLAZER (2.8LT 2WD A/T, 2.8LTZ1 2WD A/T, 2.8LT 4WD A/T, 2.8LTZ 4WD A/T and 2.8LTZ1 4WD A/T): 25 percent down payment, zero percent interest rate for 60 months
  • CRUZE PRE MY13: THB100,000 discount
  • CRUZE MY13: THB25,000 discount
  • SONIC LT: Free 5 months installment at at 25 percent down payment for 60 months
  • SONIC LTZ: Free 5 months installment at 25 percent down payment for 72 months)
  • COLORADO 2.5L (4WD variants) and 2.8L (all variants): THB40,000 discount

The sales campaign is effective immediately at all Chevrolet dealerships nationwide, and ends on June 30, 2013.