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Thailand Ranks Fifth in Sonic Sales Worldwide

  • Thailand ranked fifth for sales of the Sonic b-segment passenger car after the US, Russia, China and Mexico as of Q1 2013
  • A total of 13,696 units were sold in Thailand as of April 2013
  • Bold design and fun-to-drive dynamics make the Sonic one of the favorites in its segment

BANGKOK, MAY 20, 2013 - Since its launch in July 2012, the Sonic was so successful that its sales in Thailand in the first quarter of 2013 was the fifth highest worldwide, after the US, Russia, China and Mexico. In the first five months since its launch alone, Chevrolet Thailand sold 8,256 Sonics. As of April 2013, a total of 13,696 units were sold. In terms of variants, 8,972 of the total units sold consisted of the Notchback. The Sonic's bold design, well-appointed interior and superior driving dynamics are some of the factors contributing to the model's success.

"The Sonic is a successful model by any measure," said Gustavo Colossi, Vice-President of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales, Chevrolet Sales Thailand and GM Southeast Asia Operations.

He continued, "The Sonic shows the prowess of Chevrolet to design and develop globally successful vehicles, capable of addressing local requirements across a diverse cross-section of markets worldwide. It fits perfectly into several markets, all with differing needs. In Thailand, the Sonic has been a success since its launch in July 2012."

Fresh, dynamic design lines and 'Euro-ride' driving dynamics aside, the Sonic also comes with a host of features, such as a six-speed automatic transmission with driver-shift control, a funky interior design and a spacious interior with a host of storage areas. According to Chevrolet, customers list attributes such as exterior and interior design and handling as some of the reasons they bought the Sonic.

"Another key win for the Sonic is its potential for personalization - an aspect that is important to the target market of the Sonic," said Mr. Chanvit Khieonavavongsa, Marketing Director of Chevrolet Sales Thailand.

He added, "Sonic's customers are sociable, expressive, individualistic and aspire for admiration. Besides its attractive design, the Sonic is also offered with the widest range of accessories – a total of 35 line items. The ability to personalize the Sonic is only limited by one’s creativity and imagination. I believe the Thai customer really enjoys personalizing his or her car. With a car like the Sonic, it really allows you to stand out from the crowd.”

“John Winyu and Yipso, the presenters for the Chevrolet Sonic are perfect examples of this kind of a character. Their presence has helped us reach out to more Thai consumers,” said Khieonavavongsa.

The Sonic is available in eight model variants, including two body styles, two transmission types and three trim levels. A new-generation 1.4L, E20-capable engine featuring DOHC (Double Overhead Camshafts) and Double CVC (Continuously Variable Cam-Phasing) powers the Sonic.