Chevrolet and One World Futbol Project Bring the Joy of Soccer to Youth in North Thailand
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Chevrolet and One World Futbol Project Bring the Joy of Soccer to Youth in North Thailand

  • Chevrolet and One World Futbol Project launch final football caravan in Thailand this year, bringing ‘the power of play’ to Phitsanoluk and Chiang Rai
  • 300 specially-engineered footballs will be handed out to orphans and students living in poor rural districts
  • Caravan of One World Futbols will make stops at school in Phitsanoluk and children village in Chiang Rai

BANGKOK, MAY 30, 2013 – Chevrolet and One World Futbol Project are launching their final football caravan giveaway in Thailand on Friday. Chevrolet Trailblazer will depart Chevrolet’s regional headquarters in Lad Phrao, loaded with hundreds of nearly indestructible footballs for children in Phitsanoluk and Chiang Rai.

The caravan of One World Futbols in Thailand tour is the last one of Chevrolet’s pledge to give away 5,000 durable, self-inflating footballs to disadvantaged youth all across the country.

“A football is a simple, but powerful gift,” said Vijo Varghese, Senior Manager, Public Relations, Chevrolet Sales Thailand. “It can have a therapeutic effect for children growing up in tough conditions, something we call ‘the power of play’. We’ve also seen how soccer can help bring communities together.”

Three previous One World Futbol caravans have already completed tours of Thailand’s Southern, Northeastern, and Eastern regions, with stops in Ranong, Phuket, Hat Yai, Khon Kaen, Nong Khai, Chonburi, and Chantaburi provinces.

So far, 4,700 One World Futbols have been donated to more than 800 schools and orphanages throughout the country.

The caravan to Northern Thailand will visit Wat Baan Dong Community School in rural Phitsanoluk province, and the SOS Children’s Village in Chiang Rai, where Chevrolet dealer staff will play a friendly game of football with local students after handing out hundreds of One World Futbols to the youth.

The Northern caravan marks the completion of the first phase of this global campaign in Thailand. Chevrolet and One World Futbol Project kicked off the campaign five months ago in Bangkok.

Chevrolet has partnered with SOS Children’s Villages Southeast Asia, World Vision Foundation of Thailand, and the Rajaprajanugroh Foundation under Royal Patronage, to ensure that the footballs are given to the children in greatest need. Fifty-two Chevrolet dealers in Thailand are also helping distribute the footballs nationwide.

As founding sponsor of One World Futbol Project, Chevrolet has made a three-year commitment to donate 1.5 million virtually indestructible soccer balls to youth around the world living in in war-stricken zones, refugee camps, disaster areas, and other disadvantaged communities.

The specially engineered One World Futbol never goes flat, never needs a pump, and can last for up to 30 years, even in rugged conditions. Thousands of additional One World Futbols have been earmarked for this year for youth in struggling communities in Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore. Chevrolet Indonesia has already donated another 5,400 futbols this year.

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