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GM Thailand hosts ‘Finance Campus’ to Educate University Students

Chonburi, Thailand- General Motors Thailand recently hosted the ‘GM Finance Campus’ including two special lectures to strengthen the student financial studies and recruit potential new employees to work with GM in the future.

Somnuek Ngamtrakulchol, Vice President of Human Resources, General Motors Southeast Asia said, ‘GM Finance Campus’ is a proactive recruitment measure that we use to recruit quality talent and recent graduates interested in joining GM Thailand.

“GM has planned to organize with the finance faculty at many institutions in Thailand with the aim to strengthen the relationship with universities, share real world experience, and recruit university students who are interested in working with GM in the future” Somnuek added.

The first GM Finance Campus named ‘How to Succeed in a Finance Career’ was held at Burapha University, along with a special lecture from GM’s Finance Representative, Frank Holzer, on the topics: ‘Role of Finance in an organization’ and ‘How to be the right person the company requires.’