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Chevrolet Brings Virtually Indestructible Footballs to Schoolchildren

  • During the next two days, Chevrolet Thailand is donating 200 One World Futbols to disadvantaged youth in Thailand’s Northeast
  • Caravan of One World Futbols is making stops in Khon Kaen and Nong Khai
  • As founding sponsor of One World Futbol Project, Chevrolet is donating 5,000 long-lasting footballs to Thai youth growing up in difficult circumstances

Bangkok – Chevrolet Thailand is sharing the power of play with disadvantaged youth in the country’s Northeast by handing out more than 200 virtually indestructible One World Futbols.

A caravan of Chevrolet Trailblazer SUVs arrived in Khon Kaen today to deliver specialty footballs to local youth who are growing up in difficult circumstances. More than 30 schools throughout the area will benefit from the gift of the One World Futbols. Chevrolet has pledged to distribute 5,000 One World Futbols across Thailand this year. Fifty-two Chevrolet dealers in Thailand are helping to distribute the One World Futbols nationwide.

“We are here to spread the joy and happiness that football can bring,” said Chevrolet Thailand’s Senior Corporate Communications Manager, Anekbhand Thambovornpong. “The game of football is a great source of exercise that helps young people learn about the benefits of teamwork, discipline and fair play. Most of all, when playing football, kids can put aside their troubles and enjoy themselves: this is what we call the power of play.”

Joining Anekbhand at the ceremony at Baan Don-Han Community School were Sarawut Pholkhan, Sales Manager of Khonkaen Pijitphet Motorcar, and Jiraphong Kongbua, Assistant Managing Director of R.H. Motors Sales. The local dealership executives presented an additional donation of books and other educational supplies for the students at Baan Don-Han Community School.

In Thailand, Chevrolet has partnered with SOS Children’s Villages Southeast Asia, World Vision Foundation of Thailand, and the Rajaprajanugroh Foundation under Royal Patronage, to ensure that the balls are given to the children in greatest need.

The caravan of the One World Futbols heads to Nong Khai next day, where 40 footballs will be distributed to local youth. At each stop, after the handover ceremony, local Chevrolet dealership staff will play a friendly game of football with local children. Participants will be treated to a meal and prizes of T-shirts, baseball caps, and school supplies.

As founding sponsor of One World Futbol Project, Chevrolet has made a three-year commitment to donate 1.5 million virtually indestructible One World Futbols to youth around the world living in in war-stricken zones, refugee camps, disaster areas, and other disadvantaged communities. The balls never go flat, never need a pump, even when punctured or crushed.

Tim Jahnigen, the creator of One World Futbol Project, was inspired to create a rugged, long-lasting soccer ball for at-risk youth after learning about how children in war-torn Darfur depended on soccer games to help them cope with the stress of refugee life. A lyricist and inventor, Jahnigen was helped by his friend, pop legend Sting, who offered to fund the early research and development to create the One World Futbol.

“Our mission is to make a meaningful impact by bringing the joy of football and play to youth around the world,” Jahnigen said. “Chevrolet is an ideal partner who shares our belief that football can not only bring people together through the excitement of the game, but can also help heal and rebuild communities impacted by war, disasters and poverty. We can truly influence millions of lives with the simple power of a durable ball.”

For more information, please log on to http://www.oneworldfutbol.com