Connect with Chevrolet


A belief in moving forward and never giving up.

A belief that down the road, around the bend, are new adventures and new frontiers, all waiting to be discovered.

This is what we’re all about.  And we know you feel the same way.

That’s why, at Chevrolet, we inspire you to make every mile matter by building the most ingenious lineup of cars, trucks and SUVs.

We bring this same passion to the world of football. We cheer right alongside you. We feel the same pride and joy. And we’re dedicated to helping you connect with others and explore what’s possible through the beautiful game.

As a supporter of Manchester United, we bring you closer to the team and players.

Our on-going commitment to football around the world is one meaningful way that Chevrolet encourages you to find new roads.


We love the beautiful game as much as you do. We stand with every cheer and sigh, every hope and dream, every banner held high and shirt worn with pride.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with some of the biggest teams around the world to bring fans closer to the clubs they love.

As a proud partner of Manchester United we are proud to be part of their rich and storied traditions and counted among the true admirers of the “Busby Way.” 650 million strong and with unbridled passion and unequaled pride, the Red Army, is like no other.

Together, with all our partners, we’re committed to making the beautiful game even more beautiful for fans everywhere.