• Chevrolet Puts Your Worries At Ease This Rainy Season


Chevrolet offers a free 30-point inspection1 and a 30 percent discount on parts for Chevrolet customers whose vehicles are affected by the flooding in Southern Thailand2, only 16 Chevrolet Dealers3 in the flooded area. The campaign runs from today to 28 February 2017. For more information, call 1734.

1. Details of the 30-point inspection

• Belt Tensioner Pulley • Front and Rear – Engine Seal • Fuel Filter • Oil Pan Gasket • Upper Radiator Hose • Lower Radiator Hose • Belt Tensioners • Front Brake Pads • Rear Brake Pads• Brake Discs • Brake Fluid • Power Steering Fluid • Front Engine Mounting • Rear Engine Mounting • Ball Joints • Stabilizer Link • Drive Shaft Boots • Front Shock Absorbers • Rear Shock Absorbers • Wheel Bearings • Drive Shaft Bearing (Colorado) • Shaft/Gear Seals • Front Left Tire Condition • Front Right Tire Condition • Rear Left Tire Condition • Rear Right Tire • Overall Condition of Tires • Battery Check • Power Flow Measurement • Overall Battery Condition

2. Only Chevrolet customers whose vehicles are affected by the flooding in Southern Thailand.

3. Only16 Chevrolet Dealers in the flooded area;

  1. Chansiri Auto Sales Co., Ltd. (Trang)
  2. CMM Motor Co., Ltd. (Chumporn)
  3. V.S.R. Autosales Co., Ltd. (Surat Thani)
  4. V.S.R. Autosales Co.,Ltd. (Nakornsrithamrat - A.Muang)
  5. V.S.R. Autosales Co.,Ltd. (Nakornsrithamrat - A.Thung Song)
  6. V.S.T. Autosales (2002) Co.,Ltd. (Krabi)
  7. Thai Thana Prachuab Co.,Ltd. (Prachuab Kirikhan)
  8. Thaiyont Intercar Co., Ltd. (Phatthalung)
  9. V.S.T. Autosales (2002) Co., Ltd. (Phuket)
  10. Hatyai Intercar and Service Co., Ltd. (Lobbureerameth Rd_Songkhla)
  11. Yala Autosales Co.,Ltd (Yala)
  12. PTC.Auto Sales Co.,Ltd. (Pattani)
  13. Ranong Automobile Co., Ltd. (Ranong)
  14. TK Automobile Co.,Ltd. (Narathiwat)
  15. T P Autosales Co.,Ltd.(Satun)
  16. V.S.R. Autosales Co.,Ltd. (Suratthani - A.Kho Samui)


  • Terms and conditions as designated by the company.
  • This promotion cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Chevrolet reserves the right to change the promotion without prior notice and Chevrolet's verdict is final.
  • For your convenience, please make appointments for service at least one day in advance.