Chevrolet Mobile service - another level of providing comprehensive and complete customer service. Chevrolet Mobile Service teams are equipped with up-to-date equipment, tools and professional technicians who can support in the case of an emergency or even preliminary service for your engine. Another way of Chevrolet showing you that we care, and providing you with comprehensive service even when you’re caught up with everyday life and don’t have the time to visit the dealership. Chevrolet Mobile service can perform several basic services such as engine oil changes, other lubricant fluid changes, battery and spark plug care, regular service maintenance, change of belts, oil filter and air filter.

Allow us to come to you.


  • Scheduled maintenance (except the changing of timing belt).
  • Oil change service: lubricants, oil filter and air filter.
  • Engine maintenance: battery, spark plugs and windshield wipers.


  • A reservation must be made at least 3 days in advance in order for the Chevrolet Dealer to schedule an appointment with the technician.
  • If your Chevrolet has exceeded its 3 year (/100,000km) warranty, or you have not scheduled an appointment, a charge may be incurred for the service.
  • Mobile Service is available between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday to Saturday. In the case that Chevrolet Mobile Service is not able to provide you with the services required, Roadside Assistance will be enlisted to get you back to the dealership.


For services other than those listed, we recommend that you contact an authorized Chevrolet Service Center.