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Duramax Diesel

   Duramax   Diesel

Chevrolet MyLink Radio

Chevrolet MyLink Radio

Truck Room

Truck Room



Quiet Ride

Quiet Ride


Rugged and powerful with aggressive, contemporary styling, the Chevrolet Colorado commands the road with excellent hauling capability with the new Duramax engine. Loaded with a range of safety features ready to go with you all the way. The Chevrolet Colorado is designed to demand attention with its compact good looks and infotainment system, Chevrolet MyLink, to ensure pleasure for the driver and passengers in every drive. The car is ideal for work, whilst also catering to your family life reflecting the standard of excellence found in every Chevrolet Colorado Truck.

Colorado Promotion : 6 Years Warranty

Tough performance in a luxury style

The Chevrolet Colorado delivers the traditional good looks found in every Chevrolet pickup. The aerodynamic front-fascia features a sleek, Dual Port
Grille and Chevrolet's trademark 'bow-tie'.

Chevrolet Colorado - Exterior
Colorado c-cab

Colorado C-cab

Tough, Powerful and Luxurious. A mid-sized pick-up truck with the luxury appeal of an SUV, Chevrolet Colorado C-cab is thoroughly designed to accommodate all driving needs and lifestyles. It is your ultimate vehicle for both urban driving and actual heavy-duty loading.

colorado x-cab

Colorado X-cab

With true American heavy-duty DNA, Colorado X-Cab commands attention wherever it goes with striking overall design and unmistakably tough performance. Making it an ideal all-purpose vehicle for both everyday commuting and heavy-duty work day.


  • Chevrolet Colorado - Interior Design
    Every Chevrolet Colorado comes with an array of standard convenience features
  • Chevrolet Colorado - Interior Design
    like cruise control, and adjustable leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • The interior design of Chevrolet Colorado is stunning to say the least.

Convenience and class are brought together

With the expansive passenger cabin, driver and passengers alike will enjoy an unparalleled level of comfort from the new design and all the built-in equipment designed to make journeys much more pleasurable.

The sporty new odometer and intelligent data information display

Vital driving and performance information is neatly shown on the Driver Information Center (DIC).

Automatic air conditioning system

Control the passenger cabin temperature with a single push of a button for absolute convenience.

Multi-function steering wheel and cruise control

Control your audio system, answer calls from a Bluetooth-connected phone or activate the cruise control system directly from your steering wheel.

Fuel economy index

Along with fuel economy index that helps improve fuel economy by making the driver more aware of his/her driving style.


  • Chevrolet Colorado - Projector front lamp
    Height-adjustable projector front lamps for improved night vision
  • Chevrolet Colorado - Power controlled side mirrors
    Large & foldable electronically-controlled side mirrors

Projector front lamp

Height-adjustable projector front lamps for improved night vision (C-cab LTZ only), fog lamps for enhanced safety and improved confidence.

Power controlled side mirrors

Large & foldable electronically-controlled side mirrors with built-in LED turn signal indicators, stylish with energy-saving LED tail lamps (C-cab LTZ) only and an energy-saving third brake lamp at the reflector.

Parking Sensor

The parking sensor gives you a safer driving and parking experience. It was designed to alert the driver to obstacles when in close proximity that may cause damage to the car.

colorado mylink

Chevrolet MyLink and the versatile audio system (C-cab LTZ only)

Keep everyone on board entertained with Chevrolet MyLink 7 inches touchscreen plus six high-definition speakers (C-cab LTZ only).

MyLink allows you to command connectivity with your fingertips without taking your eyes off the road and control buttons embedded in the steering wheel.



Life. Simply Connected. (C-cab LTZ only)

Life doesn’t stop while you’re in your car, so why should you? With Chevrolet MyLink you’ll stay connected to everything most important to you and more while you’re out and about. Technology for your comfort, convenience and safety is all at your fingertips. Speak to friends, family and colleagues safely while driving. Enjoy your favorite music or news programs. And that’s just the beginning. So what is Chevrolet MyLink? It’s your life simply connected.


Unleash the power of the New DURAMAX engine

The latest development of America’s legendary Duramax diesel engine is the toughest, most powerful and fuel-efficient engine yet.

The New 2.5 and 2.8 Duramax Diesel

With 4 cylinders, 16 valves and 163 horsepower (120 kilowatts) at its disposal, the new robust 2.5-liter Duramax diesel engine delivers 380 nm of torque at 2,000 rpm.
The 2.8-liter Duramax diesel engine with 4 cylinders and 16 valves churns out an impressive 200 horsepower (147 kilowatts) and 500 nm torque at 2,000 rpm.

This forceful engine is controlled by a smooth-shifting 6-speed Active Select automatic transmission. This high-performance, fuel-efficient engine employs a direct injection system with Variable Geometry Turbo and an intercooler to boost torque at low revolutions while a lightweight servo motor, controlled by the ECM (Engine Control Module), noticeably improves the overall driving performance.



The ultimate choice for durability and extreme versatility for all applications.

Fully-loaded safety measures

The high-strength chassis, frame and door panels provide optimal protection for both driver and passengers.

Active Safety

The highly durable body frame of the Colorado is capable of withstanding harsh bending forces. With extra support beams inside the door panels, the impact force from a side collision is optimally absorbed, making the passenger cabin a safe zone. The chassis itself has been totally redesigned and has a precisely calculated structure to ensure an optimum resistance against bending force. As a result, the Colorado benefits from impeccable traction
and stability both at curb mass and when fully loaded.

Chevrolet Colorado - Safety

Passive Safety

  • Double SRS airbags and safety belts with pretensioner and load limiter
  • Safety steering wheel crushes itself inward automatically to reduce the chance or force of impact to the chest in the event of a frontal collision.
  • Double-layer laminated windshield retains shattered bits of glass which would otherwise be dispersed as shards, hence effectively minimizing injury.
  • Safety Alert Seat for the passengers.
  • Child safety seats in passenger cars with the ISO Fix and Top Tether attachment points.
  • Rear seat head restraint for the passengers at the middle seats.


Comfort and traction is optimized with the use of independent double wishbone suspension on the front and half-oval steel leaf springs on the rear, plus gas shock absorbers. Driving confidence is thus assured at all speeds, on straight roads, curves and at all times, while curb mass or fully loaded.

Unsurpassed braking technology

ABS    (Anti-Lock Braking System): the ABS prevents the wheels from locking itself, improving the stability of the vehicle during emergency or sudden braking.

EBD    (Electronic Brake-Force Distribution): the EBD distributes proper brake-force to the front and the rear wheels.

TCS    (Traction Control System): together with the ABS, the TCS works to prevent free-spinning of the wheels at any torque or engine revolution and in all driving conditions.

ESC    (Electronic Stability Control): stability of the vehicle is optimized by the ESC which works in tandem with the TCS to assess the movement of the vehicle and the radius at which the steering wheel is turned. In the event the balance is compromised, the system will automatically increase the brake-force to each wheel and decrease engine power to restore the balance and improve the handling.

PBA    (Panic Brake Assist): this system instructs the ABS to engage more quickly and reduce the braking distance.

CBC    (Cornering Brake Control): when cornering, CBC controls the brake pressure and the brake-force to each of the four wheels. This helps maintain the balance and stability of the vehicle and mitigates the chance of oversteer or understeer.

HBA    (Hydraulic Brake Assist): the HBA increases the brake pressure when the brake pedal is forcefully pressed by the driver in sudden braking situations.

HBFA    (Hydraulic Brake Fade Assist): extra safety is provided by the HBFA as it activates automatically when the driver reaffirms the pressure on the brake pedal, increasing braking power.

Chevrolet Colorado - Safety

Colorado Accessories

Chevrolet Colorado - Accessories

We've developed a great range of accessories so you can really make the most of your Chevrolet Colorado. There's everything from bike carriers, ski racks, roof boxes and much more besides. And when it comes to child safety, the range includes these important items:

  • Hard Tonneau Cover
  • Bed Liner
  • Sportbar
Chevrolet Colorado - Accessories
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